Thursday, December 03, 2009

Photography and Cameras

Photography is an art just like any other. A paint brush in the hands of a child does not create marvels and neither does a novice understand the true depth of a painting that might get sold for a 100K and might think it as a waste of money. Photography used to be a pretty expensive hobby and I remember my first camera at the age of 12 used to cost somewhere around a 4 MP digicam nowadays and the cost of its photo processing was far more then todays so called children in the field would afford.

With cameras growing cheaper nowadays and the pixel rate of the digicam rising upto 15 Mp and even more it is not surprising that every other person today acts like a photographer. With the DSLR in fashion today and the ease at which any other person would afford it, the amateurs just pretend to be Pros.

Point to shoot and DSLRs, there are several places where you could easily find the differences of both and their pros and cons, google is your best friend I would say. The DSLR is not for fashion or for show biz its a real pro's game tool and ammo. Some one said that most of the cat walkers on the ramp don't even know what DSLR stands for!!!

I have seen people just shoot and keep shooting without focus or without any meaning. When one acts like a pro photographer one should choose before releasing the shutter. If for example one is trying to capture a majlis scene you should take care of the proper poses and postures of all those who will be seen in the picture, not that someone is touching the bread or standing for raza or so on. Its the timing that matters and the entire pictures that matters not just the focus point of the picture. Also if you are not aware with handling the DSLR then you are sure to land into a bad situation.

Here are a few links for all those who have bought a huge canon to shoot wit:

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Out on the Next day of Eid al-Adha

Dad Batting

Photos by Mohammed (First Digital Shoots him with a FujiFilm Digicam)

Huseni Kaka Batting Balling
Mohammed and Khadija in the car
Juzar with Canon D1000 Blasting the Canon D1000
Mohammed Masa Mohammed Masa Photo shoot
Maria and Juzar at Mamzar

Family Pics on the Mamzar Beach

Kids with Mohammed Masa on Mamzar

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Memoir of the KUN Safar

Where thousands of eyes starred, just watching the way to karbala that their naseeb lead them to the land which prides itself on the heavens, only a few hundred were blessed with the opportunity to be present on the hill of heaven with the Dai of Imam Husain (AS) although no Mumin was left from availing the barakaat of observing the moments that filled the eyes with tears, the heart with joy of dua being heard and wishes being fulfilled as Mumineen worldwide watched the live relay of the ziyarat of Amirul Mumineen (AS) and his beloved son Imam Husain (AS) done by Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Aqa (TUS).

تضع الاملاك طرا حيث يمشون الجباها

Mala’ekat lay their foreheads on the land on which these pious souls of Aimmat Tahireen AS and Duat Kram AS walk. Why not then Mumineen lay their eyes on this pathway.

The word Kun is taken from the Quran which denotes Allah's command to His creation, "Kun Fayakoon", Be and it happens. Here the word was derived from the alphabets Kaaf of Karbala and Noon of Najaf, making the word KUN. Indeed the safar was a KUN for many who were waiting for their number to be called for the pious trip and once they got the raza it was a KUN. Things started happening and soon they were in Hazrat Aliyah, wondering if it was the Hazarat of Amirul Mumineen (AS) or of Imam Husain (AS) or was it Molana Ali Zainul Abideen (AS) narrating the incident of Karbala or if it was Molatena Zainab describing what she had witnessed with her own eyes.

It may be too much if I were to write my personal experiences but to mention the nemat is a part of shukr. I was at the last wajebaat bethak held in Mumbai and that too on a short notice of a few hours. Huzurala (TUS) was to depart to Karbala in 2 days and here I was wishing to be there in Khidmat throughout the safar. All seemed to be a dream as I was sure I could not even be there in a round of Mumineen who were supposed to be there. Right from the time Huzurala (TUS) arrived in the bethak I was just doing dua and nothing more wishing to be in Karbala but then asking from within that Maula (TUS) please remember us in Ziyarat. Following the Qadambosi which I have no memory except that some Bhai Saheb was trying to ask me something which I could not reply to. I did araz in khidmat of Shz Saheb that I had this ummeed of going to Karbala. At that time I thought it would never happen and I tried to calm myself down. In a few hours from then, suddenly, I got a call from the Jamaat office that you have to register immediately and make the payment. It was a KUN.

The day arrived, it was the 1st of Zil Qad and a feeling of sadness was there within that we would miss the Qadambosi bethak. It is still a dream that we were at Najaf Airport at maghrib time and no sooner we found ourselves in the last queue of qadambosi. Shz Sahebs DM were told by the guards that these Mumineen have just arrived directly from the Airport, all of us were reciting salawat and niyat of Nazrul Maqam (AS). It all happened so quickly that suddenly I found myself in front of Maula (TUS) speechless. In fact after doing qadambosi I sat down right in front of the chair, don’t know why and it still remains a mystery. The fact that Huzurala (TUS) blessed all of us with this azeem nemat that day was for us all “KUN”. Doing deedar, qadambosi before even seeing the roza of Imam Husain (AS) was a sign of Imam Husain (AS) blessing us all that day.

The above is just a short memory merely in shukr of the nemat Huzurala (TUS) has bestowed on all Mumineen during this safar in some way or another. In the wada bayan Huzurala (TUS) said to Mumineen that your duas will be heard by Imam Husain (AS) and he will ask his Dai to plan for the fulfillment of their ummeed. These words of Huzurala (TUS) are the justification of the fact that “Karbala is a place where sins are forgiven and wishes are brought closer”.

The Dai of Imam Husain (AS) walking towards the Zarih Mubarak, a view in which one can look at the way Amirul Mumineen (AS) used to walk. One could visualize Imam Husain (AS) kissing the forehead of his Dai with pride as Maula (TUS) lay his head of the Zarih Mubarak. One could see Jabir bin Abdullah al-Ansari walk in humbleness towards the Zarih Mubarak in a pious manner. One could witness the cry of Molatena Zainab (AS) as Maula (TUS) wept and did matam at the very place where hundreds of years ago the incident of karbala occurred.

In olden times distances between places was measured in the time it took to travel. The distance of time is almost of 14 centuries yet Mumineen witnessed it. Mumineen all over the world heard the echoes of the Khutbas of Amirul Mumineen (AS) in Masjid al-Aazam bil Kufa when they listened to the waaz mubarak. Mumineen witnessed the ibadat and tadarro of Amirul Mumineen (AS) as they heard Huzurala (TUS) pray to Allah in the mehrab of Kufa. We witnessed the sultanate of Amirul Mumineen (AS) and his eminence in providing tosha of aakherat to all Mumineen (AS). The voice of Amirul Mumineen (AS) during the last azan was heard in every household and it was witnessed by Mumineen when we listened to the takbirah of his Dai in his mehrab. Amirul Mumineen (AS) saw that two stones were struck together by Jibraeel which was interpreted as being his matam done in every home. The distant fact had now become a reality for Mumineen as they did matam of Amirul Mumineen (AS) with Huzurala (TUS) in Kufa and Najaf. Mumineen witnessed the sajdah of the Husaini Dai (TUS) both in Kufa and Najaf which is the bisharat of Fauze Azeem for all of us.

It would be worth to quote a few abayat of Syednal Moayyad al-Shirazi (RA) to describe the longing of Mumineen towards the land where the Dai of Imam Husain (AS) is present. The land is no lesser then Karabala but what if he is in Karbala and Najaf.

ولي عزمـة ان تمم الله خطبها كفاني تمام العزم للصدر شافيا
حلول بباب القصر يشفي لبانة لنفسي والفي نائي الانس دانيا
فاونس منع نجم سعدي طالعا كما منه الفي ناجم النحس هاويا

Syednal Moayyad says that I have a longing of being at the doorsteps of my beloved Maula (TUS), which will fulfill my wishes, bring me peace and cure my heart, when I see the good omens rising upon me.

Each Mumin was during these days with Maula (TUS) as he held the zarih mubarak of Amirul Mumineen (AS) and Imam Husain (AS) in his hands. Each Mumin was in Maula’s dua when he offered sajdah right at the place which Imam Husain (AS) blessed with his last breath while in sajdah. May Allah subhanahu bless our beloved Maula (TUS) with a long life in the best of health and happiness for which every Mumin’s tears on Imam Husain (AS) pray. Ameen

Monday, September 21, 2009

Musabaqat Hifz al-Quran

Mohammed participated in the Musabaqat and recited Surat al-Bayyenah and Surat al-Falaq. He was happy to receive the Quran Hadiyah after the musabaqat.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Barakaat of Syednal Moayyad al-Shirazi (RA)

Huzurala (TUS) in the Zikra waaz connoted the nasihat of Amirul Mumimeen (AS) to Kumail bin Ziyad in a very unique way by comparing it to the istetar (seclusion) of Imam al-Tayyib (AS) and the Qiyam of Duat Mutlaqeen al-Kiram (AS). Amirul Mumineen (AS) compares ilm with wealth and thus the situation of satr is described in the narration. Duat were handed over the wirasat of ilm which is eternal compared to the worldly estate of the Fatemiyeen Aimmat (AS) which was lost by the person who claimed Imamat for himself, ie Abdul Majid. While the Duat have always shown their servitude to the Aimmmat (AS) even after a thousand years and the wirasat of ilm remains alive. Syednal Moayyad al-Shirazi who barakaat has passed on to the Duat Kiram (AS) has several times noted the hardships faced by the mohabbat and walayat of Aimmat Tahereen (AS). As a tutor of the Duat Kiram (AS) we see that they have adopted his seerat and have never looked upon the worldly treasure with an eye of greed nor even interest in it.
Syednal Moayyad's Qasaid are full of emotions and deep love for the Aimmat (AS) enclosed and wrapped in the patience over hardships. One qasida which has fascinated me and I think all khidmat guzaar should make it his/her principle in life is, the Qasida:
رضيت من العيش المرير المنكدا وصيرت جسم الحرص مني مصفدا
The first stanza itself suggests what the whole qasida is about. He says that I am happy with a bitter and tough life, and have subjugated the greed in me. Later he continues to say that he has parted with status and governance for those who fall on their knees in front of the mass. How true are these words today for those who call themselves the leaders of the world. be it the politicians or the diplomats. Its not that Syedna has parted with the throne but he continues to point out that he is glad enough to serve Allah and his Wali, and he need not serve any human servant. He has never buttered any hand to just for the sake of availing the opportunity of worldly gain.
The lofty thinking of Syedna further states that if his own virtues does not help him gain the status of a qualified leader then he does not accept leadership by any other means or any recommendations, for he has ever sought forgiveness of Allah and never raised his hands in asking any favours from anyone else. Never has his respect ever been dirtied by false accusations nor has he fed on bribery.
The above is a narration of his life in the Khidmat of Imamuz Zaman (AS) and his love for ilm and hikmat that he has passed on to the Duat Kiram (AS) in wirasat.
Today the waris of Syednal Moayyad (RA) is indeed ilm impersonified and our heads always bow in sajda for the dua of his long life. Ameen

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Amirul Mumineen (AS) and his description of the materialistic world

Amirul Mumineen (AS), who had been privileged of being brought up by Rasulallah (SA). He had be in the company of the prophet ever since he was born and the impact of that company and its barakat was so laid on the his life, especially with the barakaat of wahye that Amirul Mumineen (AS) was called the prominent jurist by Rasulallah (AS). Jurisprudence does encompass many fields of knowledge as a judge is needed to finally decide on any subject brought forth to him. Since a very young age Amirul Mumineen (AS) had seen Rasulallah (SA) strive for Islam and its cause. He had seen Rasulallah (SA) differ with Molana Abu Talib when he was told to keep away from preaching Islam by Quresh, that if he would be given the sun in his right and moon in the left he would not bother to bend towards materialistic wealth. Ali (AS) had seen how Abu Talib (AS) supported Rasulallah (SA) in the Sha'b of Abu Talib during the days of Quresh's boycott. Ali (AS) had seen the Nabi's beloved and wealthy wife Khadija drain her wealth for the cause of Allah. From an age when a person does not even come to his senses, Ali (AS) had seen the facts of life and felt the world closely. Such a person of high stature in knowledge, upbringing, amal, closeness to the Nabi (AS), akhlaq and many vritues has described the worldly pleasures and it materialistic nature in a few but deep words that need to be quoted here for his love and remembrance.

Amirul Mumineen (AS) says:
1. Trust the Creator rather than his creation, trust the Truthful rather than the lier.
2. Seek Rizq from al-Rahman (Allah), as there is no one else who can feed you except Him.
3. He who thinks that his rizq or earnings is in his own hands does not trust Allah.
4. He who thinks that a mere human can feed him or provide a living to him has gone on a slippery way and is sure to fall.
Amirul Mumineen (AS) further says:
1. I am happy with whatever Allah has parted for me and have submitted by will to by Creator.
2. Just as Allah has done my betterment in the past so will He in the future.
These words are said to to those of Amirul Mumineen (AS):
1. I anticipate that the world will soon be over and has prepared for its journey.
2. Never has the world been forever for anyone, nor has anyone stayed in the world forever.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Smart Saving Tips

Save 10% every day!

It’s a basic idea. If you remember to reduce ten percent on the quantity of things you use everyday, you’ll find you are spending less every day. And this will show in your bills, your grocery bills, and overall in how much you spend every month.

The small quantities add up to save you money.

Imagine, 10% less oil while cooking (good for your heart, anyway), less soaps and detergents, less electricity (turn off the AC, switch off lights, switch on the water heater just for a few hours before shower time)

Simple actions like doing laundry at home when possible may save you money every week as opposed to taking all your clothes into a dry cleaner.

Make less trips using your car, by planning trips ahead of time – and you’ll see major savings at the petrol station. If you have two cars, and one is a big SUV and the other a small run around, use the smaller car that consumes less fuel when possible.

Saving as a habit

You need to make savings a regular habit. Instead of saving whatever is left over at the end of the month, plan on saving – which is paying yourself – first. Set aside the amount you plan to save first before you start spending on everything for the month. Plan on this with your family, and this can be an exciting way to get everyone involved, once you have explained the benefits of saving money.

Making a budget

In order for you to make a regular savings plan and make a habit out of it, it’s best to sit down and prepare a budget – so you know exactly how much you want to spend, on what, and how much you want to save. A pre-planned budget will help you in allocating your spending and controlling on sudden bursts of unintentional spending.

Have a Savings Goal and meet it

"Don't save what is left after spending; Spend what is left after saving" - Warren Buffet

The best way to figure out how much you want to save is to set specific monetary goals. If there is a specific thing that you are saving up for, start by calculating how much you will need to save in order to pay for it. Next, figure out how much money you will have to set aside each month in order to reach that goal in a reasonable amount of time. If you are saving for something with a less specific monetary value (such as money for an emergency fund, your retirement, or just a healthy nest egg), then you should try and come up with a figure to shoot for (i.e. Financial experts often recommend having enough money in an emergency fund to cover at least 3 to 6 months worth of household expenses).

Take advantage of the downturn?

Yes, you can. There are a lot of retail outlets and shops that have reacted to the downturn in the economy by offering special sales incentives. You can get discounts on many every day items and as well on some electronics and white goods (washer/dryers, fridges, ovens etc). If you have an immediate need for any of these items, this would be a good time to purchase them – while they are on discounted sale.

Simple economics: every day, every week, every month.

Eating out and treating yourself is fun, and once in a while, it’s a good idea. But a quick and easy way to curb your spending – and start saving – is eating out less. Try eating in more often and packing yourself a lunch for eating at work. Besides saving money, making your own food can often be healthier too. You can save a lot by eliminating that expensive coffee latte habit. You can save on unnecessary and unused magazine subscriptions, tv channels you pay for but don’t watch, phone related expenses. These are every day things you can either curb or totally cut down on. And yes, they add up to your savings.

Interesting Videos: Money Spent is Money Earned

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Surah al-Insherah

Mohammed reciting Surah al-Insherah

On the results day Mohammed had the opportunity of reciting Surah al-Insherah, alhamdolillah my son has learned till Surah al-Balad and now he is aiming for more. Khuda Taala Maula Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS) ni khushi, nazar ma, qadmo ma Mohammed ne wasawe. Ameen

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Journalistic Ignorance

Sometime back I had written about an Arab Times article that wrongly projected the Bohra community. Similar cases popped up in India with the recent Mumbai Mirror article that raised the concerns of the Bohra Community. There headline was so vague that it drew abrupt comments from people who know less about the religious practices of Islam and the community. Then an appology came from the editor and the writer that all this was unintentional. The lord knows better. As far as my personal views are concerned I think that it was a attention drawing media stunt in hunger of popularity.
Recently, another incident occurred. IndiaTV in its exclusive news telecast of the marraige ceremony of a known terrorist, Baitullah, in Afganistan, the News channel showed a digitally manupilated photograph of His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS) who is a respected religious leader of the community, an Ambasador of Peace. World Leaders have met him and bowed their heads in respect of his spiritual charisma. Much is known about him to the EDUCATED that all written would be less. The news channel broadcasted an image of him annoucing the Nikah (marriage ceremony) of Baitullah. A very ignorant act which IndiaTV editor claim to be a mistake.
News sestionalisation cannot be a mistake. Manupilating and digitally playing with a photograph on a news channel, mind well its not a movie, its a truth revealing news channel, cannot be taken as a mistake or unintentional act as claimed by India TV. This is an act of Journalistic misconduct and is totally unethical. Manupilating or digitally playing with an image can never be marked unintentional or a mistake.
The Ministry of Information and Broadcast should have a look into this matter and punish the news channel for misconduct so that people are not mislead, misguided by such publicity stunts which could not only flare violence against the entire community and its respected leader but also distort the image of truth in the eye of the common man. A stringent action must be taken by the authorities should it be proven a lesson for all and help promote better journalistic practices in the country. The pen has the power to over throw kings from their thrones and rise another to the skies, lets stop it from being used for injustice, crime and selfish deeds.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Arab Times Ignorance

I am amazed by the ignorance of the editor of the Arab Times of Kuwait and also that of the writer of this Article Row over Bohra worship place - Court acquits 13 scribes in defamation suit Moamen. He should really shrug his prejudice and write the facts. The word "Temple" in the article has amazed me much. Has the writer really studied the text of the application for land and is it stated in it that it is for a temple.

The Dawoodi Bohra Muslim community is a peace loving and shariah abiding group of educated men and women who boast almost 100% literacy and are loyal citizens of the world. Assuming that the writer, Moamen, is an educated person he should understand that Muslims never use temples and therefore it does not make any sense that the Bohra Muslim community ever plan to build a temple.

As far as my knowledge goes the Bohra Leadership His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS) has built more then 300 mosques (masjids) in the past 40 years, including the 4th largest masjid in the world al-Jamea al-Anwar in Qahera and one of the biggest, historical and oldest mosque, al-Masjid al-Azam in Kufa.

A Masjid in Israeli territory in Ashqelon, who has built it?

I believe that it is merely some kind of a prejudice that is prevailing in such kind of people, the author being one of them, wanting to spread rumors rather then the truth and hide the facts from the common man. Such an act is against the principles of journalism.

The Bohra Muslims, ask the Kuwaitis who have seen the adverse days of Saddam's invasion, have been loyal to the nation during the adverse of times. During those days the Bohra Leadership had specifically instructed them to stay in Kuwait and support the country.

We forget the bounties of Allah when we have it in abundance and do not try to understand the truth and grasp the facts, rather we tend to hide it in fright of being found wrong, that is what's happening to the media that print such kind of matter.

I have read several books that show an in depth hatred towards this sect of Islam and there is a just and logical answer to each lie in those books for those who want to open their eyes and look.

Its sad that in a Muslim country there is a controversy over a Masjid place and they blame hypocritically the west, whereas the Mulsim Ummah needs to come to its senses and abort it internal differences, keeping them aside and welcoming the commonness. I have much to say and write especially after my visit to the Holy Lands of Mecca and Madina for Hajj this year as I ponder in this. Inshallah.