Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Food Wastage Vs Hunger

Forget the government, forget what others can and should do. Lets all do something on our own each of us. Today I went to Pizza Hut and waited on the side of a table as the waitress was cleaning it. Believe me there was enough left over to feed a 2 adults and a child the above count. Seriously, how can human beings be so cruel and waste food while it is the scarcest thing in the world today. A large number of human population is dying daily due to hunger.

I personally can't help myself feeling sad for this family, when I try to imagine some people suffering financially, so badly that they cannot even feed their child on a daily basis. People just give up when they start dying everyday due to the financial load.

Just think, the amount of leftover food that could be wasted and thrown away (by individuals and restaurants alike) in the a single city could feed hundreds of mouths, the same is there for every other city in the world.

Lets all pledge ourselves to help our fellow human beings with whatever we can.

Personally I have ever dreamed of starting some sort of a mission to collect all this food and start distributing it to the needy. Will indeed do it someday.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Ghosts Book

The Ghosts Book

A review of the Book called "Ghost Hunters: A guide to investigating the paranormal written by Yvette Fielding and Ciaran O'Keefe, the presenters of the "Most Haunted" show. The book was sent to Juzar Noorani, the Hikmah Blog author by thebookshelter.ae, a wonderful initiative by two Emarati Women.

Update: This blog has been shifted to hikmah.ekhwan.com